Thursday, September 19, 2013

summer 2 Fall: shorts

Get inspired by looks from others.. 
Take some ideas from the following outfits and make some looks of your own.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

summer 2 Fall. shorts, men

The Fall weather calls for outfits that allow you to be warm but still able to keep cool at the same time. Specifically during the early Fall days because we are transitioning out of the Summer so a lot of times it tends to be on the warm side. Therefore making an outfit with shorts and layered tops the perfect combination for the season. 

Pharrell Williams is seen above in cuffed denim shorts, and he layered a red plaid button up with a khaki blazer. The layering of the button up and blazer give the indication that it may be chilly where he is located. Making this a great outfit to replicate for early Fall, considering the use of the shorts and layering. 

Taking this look to more of a night look we would suggest a few things. First, you could switch out the khaki blazer for a nice fitted leather jacket. If you have not noticed leather (faux leather in most cases) has been quite the trend this summer, so why not carry it over to Fall. Then, switching the camo printed hat to a solid one would be very fitting for the look. Finish it off with an oxford and you are ready for your night on the town. It does not take much to switch this look from day to night and those few pieces that you swapped out can easily be used for other looks.

This look is very similar to the one above, but there are a few differences. For  instance, we are able to see that he went with a third layer (the white tee), there is the use of a dressier pair of shorts, and he is wearing a pair of boots instead of high top sneakers. All together this outfit screams Fall, from the layered tops to the choice of shoes. 

Toss the blazer & boots to the side, and put on a cowl neck cardigan with some high top dunks. Those simple steps will put this look right in the casual arena, and allow you to get another outfit out of the shorts and tops. As previously stated it does not take much at all to take any outfit from day to night and vice versa. 

If you don't do anything else just remember your layers for Fall, and going simple with a look can never steer you wrong.


Stop by tomorrow for more outfit inspiration utilizing shorts. Till next time..

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

summer 2 Fall. shorts

We all know how vital shorts are during the Summer, so why not make them just as important in your Fall wardrobe. Considering that you may have multiple pairs of cute shorts ranging from denim, plaid, cargo etc., why would you want to store them away for a whole year? For that reason, we wanted to show you a couple of ways to put together Fall looks with your shorts. 

Nicole Richie went with a shorts with tights outfit in the picture shown above. She took a very simple approach to the fad and it paid off well. Although the hat and scarf make this more of a late Fall/Winter look, the outfit clearly showcases how to stylize your denim shorts with tights. Also, we think that red purse adds the perfect pop of color to this otherwise dark look. 

To make this look suitable for the early Fall days, we suggest that you carry the the cardigan & remove the hat. This will allow you to show off the shirt and scarf more. As well as allowing you the option of putting on the cardigan if you get chilly.

This is a very simple concept, and the focus is to keep your legs warm on the cooler Fall days, while still looking cute!

If tights are not your thing, or your legs rarely get cold maybe putting more layers on top will be what you need.

As you can see Beyonce' went with cargo shorts, for her bottoms..and up top she layered three different pieces. This is perfect for those of you who are not ready to cover up your legs just yet. This look has enough layers up top to keep you warm.

This look really is the perfect early to mid Fall outfit. One because the shorts are included, & 2 the colors of each piece are great! She incorporated colors that could be viewed as Summer however the leather and layering of tops push this into Fall. Making it a happy medium for an amazing Fall look! 

So there you have it ladies two ways to continue wearing your shorts during the Fall. Be sure to check back Thursday for more outfit ideas incorporating one of the two styles. 

xoxo VM.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

summer 2 Fall. Men

As we discussed yesterday for the Ladies, you men out there can continue the use of your Summer wardrobe by layering your clothes. Specifically this week we are looking at tank tops. With the right layer over your tank, you are able to recreate one of your favorite summer looks in the Fall.

Above depicts the perfect way for you to layer a tank top with a jean jacket. These jackets (depending on the weight of the material) are normally not too heavy, making it perfect for your mild Fall days. 

Another way to get away with still wearing your tank tops during these months, would be to throw a cardigan over top of it. Such as below! 

To help visualize this as a Summer look that was transformed into a Fall look, just imagine if he were to remove the cardigan and put on some low top vans. Voila! With those slight changes the look would be  weather appropriate. Also it just goes to show how simple it is to take your Summer tanks and pull them into your everyday Fall apparel.

Tank tops are very versatile & are honestly meant to be worn year round. All it takes is matching it with the right pieces in your closet to make it appropriate for the current season.

That is this weeks Summer [2] Fall piece, be sure to stop by next Wednesday for the next Men's post. In the mean time check out our archive and catch up on older post over men's fashion. 

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xoxo VM.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

summer 2 Fall.

Not ready to put away your summer wardrobe? Well we have some great suggestions for you over the next couple of weeks! By simply incorporating a few pieces here & there you will be able to extend the wear of some of your favorite Summer looks! 

Tank tops are honestly a year round piece of clothing. However we have those ones that scream Summer, such as the one below. & most think that you can only get away with wearing them during the 100+ sun filled days.

The truth is, by adding a cardigan or chambray you can wear these colorful or midriff revealing tanks in the Fall. The bright colors will add pops to your outfits, which can sometimes be washed out by the dark colors of Fall.

Check out Rihanna below pairing a knotted tank with an oversized blazer. A look that would be perfect for the Fall months, because although she has on a tank and is baring her midriff the blazer adds just the right amount of coverage to push the look into the Fall category.

Remember that although the new season is upon us it does not mean that you have to spend anything to transform your wardrobe. Go in that closet and see what you have before you go straight to the mall looking for outfits. Using what you have allows you to become creative & more than likely you will come up with a look that no one else has because it is coming from your closet rather than the mall. 

till next time! 
     xoxo, VM.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The victims of Sandy Hook

Along with the world, we watched the horrible news of Sandy Hook flash across the screen for hours. For that reason we found it vital to take the time out to honor all of the the victims of this horrible incident. 

Below are the victims of the very senseless crime and we believe that the best thing that we can do for them as well as the family members is to pray.

God Bless them all, and continue to heal all of their families and friends

Love, VintageMahogani.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let your voice be heard!

Today we wanted to motivate you all to go out and V.O.T.E. tomorrow!! If you are of voting age, this is your chance to let your voice be heard. It may not seem like your vote matters considering there are so many other people in the world that are voting...but remember 
EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS do something with your privilege! Rock the Vote!!

-Love, VM.